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WebSocket Origin Validation

When a browser initiates a WebSocket connection, it automatically includes an Origin header that denotes the domain from which the request originates. With Wallarm API Firewall, you can ensure that the value of the Origin header matches your predefined list during the upgrade phase of the WebSocket connection. This article outlines the steps to enable Origin validation for GraphQL queries.

By default, the WebSocket Origin validation feature is disabled. To activate it, configure the following environment variables:

Environment variable Description
APIFW_GRAPHQL_WS_CHECK_ORIGIN Enables the validation of the Origin header during the WebSocket upgrade phase. Default: false.
APIFW_GRAPHQL_WS_ORIGIN (required if APIFW_GRAPHQL_WS_CHECK_ORIGIN is true) The list of allowed origins for WebSocket connections. Origins are separated by ;.

The APIFW_GRAPHQL_WS_CHECK_ORIGIN operates independently of APIFW_GRAPHQL_REQUEST_VALIDATION. WebSocket requests with incorrect Origin headers will be blocked regardless of the request validation mode.